21 Day Fix…Round 2

Well well…what can I say about round 2 of the 21 Day Fix?!


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I totally fell off of the wagon.  This month was a little tough for me as I seemed to have been on the go constantly.  I failed to plan…so therefore, as the saying goes, I planned to fail.  With not planning, I was forced to grab “convenience foods” which even though you may think you’re being healthy, when you don’t prepare the food for yourself, then you don’t really know what’s in them!

July started out a little rough for me actually – on July 1st of course – the heart palpitations came on full force.  July 2nd I ended up in the ER with constant heart palpitations (like 7-10 every minute)…but it was all on the normal side, just extremely frustrating and tiring because I always worry!

Worry about what, you’re wondering?  Well…heart problems run in my family…majorly.  When I was 8 years old (my Dad was 37 at the time) he had a massive heart attack and was minutes away from dying had the doctor not known exactly what to do for him.  For years, my Dad has always had heart issues, and it’s not from a poor diet (well his original one was I’m sure), it’s that his body just produces a high amount of cholesterol.  He has probably had about 25-30 catheterizations, or possibly more – we lost count, numerous angioplasties and stents, medical trials involving radiation in the arteries, etc.  In 2009, he had a double bypass and we thought we were in for smooth sailing and that all our worries would be over, right??


Within 6 months, both bypass grafts had closed off from scar tissue and he was back in the same position he was in prior to the first bypass.  So, there were more trials and more stents, etc.  It finally got to the point that they decided that he would have to have a heart attack to “get better”.  SAY WHAT?!  So – to make a long story short, they gave him medications that would make him comfortable and have less pain.  Well..they worked for a few years, until his pain started becoming unbearable even with the medications.  So, early last year – of course the year that I’m in the middle of planning a wedding so I was already extremely stressed, they found out he had more issues and would need a triple bypass. Two bypass surgeries before he’s even 60!
The good news – all went well and he’s doing fantastic – let’s pray that it stays that way!

…so, now that you know my reasons for worrying, right?  OK…
So, that takes me back to my “WHY” again as to why I started this program.  I want to live.  I want to be able to one day have beautiful children and be a healthy, happy Mother for them.
If we are ever blessed to have children, I don’t want to be the Mom that can’t slide down the slide with them because her ass is too wide, or can’t ride the roller coaster because the seat won’t latch, or can’t chase after them in the yard because I’m so extremely out of shape.  I don’t want that.


So I’m writing this today to not only share this side of my life with you, but to also hold myself accountable…to get my thoughts out there as to why it’s so important to keep up this fight and to not give up!  Sure, there will be days that I just suck and will beat myself up about it…but the next day, I will get back on track and start fresh with a new mindset that each day is a new day.

Here’s to a new month, a new start, and a new round.  I am going to consider this technically my round 1.1 since it really shouldn’t count as round 2, and I will start round 2 fresh for August and plan to succeed this time and not to fail.

BUT…even though that I failed miserably this month, I have been more conscious of what I’m putting into my body…so I still have some results for this month!  Last month I lost a whopping 12 pounds on the first round!
This month I have lost 6 more pounds!

I did gain a few back during the earlier part of the month, but I’ve been more strict on myself towards the end and have lost what I gained and a few more!



I guess this month wasn’t really a failure….just a setback!
Also, I’m hoping to get some of my favorite recipes I’ve made so far prepped and photographed this weekend, so look out for recipes coming soon!

Thanks for sticking this out with me and for keeping me encouraged!
August is a new month, and I’m determined to make it a good one!

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