A Quick Hello – and an intro from me!

I came across this question when I was searching online the other day, and it made me think.

“What do people say about you when you’re not around?”

Well…who doesn’t think about that?  I think that we all do!  But, I’m here to say, I don’t give a damn about what people say about me!  Now….let’s be honest….there are certain things that can hurt, but I’m an adult and I can handle it!

You want to talk about me behind my back?  Let me join you – I’m sure I got some good stories!

You say I’m fat?!  Hah!  Tell me something that I don’t know!

You say I’m not pretty enough?  Ok – I don’t really care because you’re an idiot!

You think my teeth are yellow?  Good – buy me some whitening gel!

The bottom line is…I am me.  I have a husband who loves me for me.
My family loves me for me…well most of them of course they do.
My dogs love me for me…and honestly…that’s all I need in life.


WHO. AM. I.?

Hello —

I’m Melissa.  I’m 31 years old, born and raised in NC and have never, ever lived out of the state.
I live in the Lake Norman area, which if you’re not familiar, is above Charlotte.
I am married to my amazing husband Nick.  We have two rescue dogs, Maggie and Sophie.
I am an avid dog lover.  I love cooking.  I love photography.
I love riding in my car with the windows down and the radio turned up.
I love dry shampoo.  I love my iPhone.  I love chocolate chips.

I also design jewelry.  Shameless plug for my Etsy shop The Coral Dahlia

I dislike fake people.  I dislike traffic.  I dislike people without manners.  I dislike instigators.
I dislike the price of Starbucks coffee (but let’s be honest…I’m addicted).
I dislike pollen.  I dislike the sound of sirens.

These are just a few things…and over time, my hope is that you will enjoy reading this blog and find something of value in this.

My vision for this blog is for it to evolve into something that I use to share my ideas with you, as well as makeup reviews, things that I’m currently loving, some amazing recipes and so much more!

One of the reasons I chose my launch date as April 16th was because on this day one year ago, my life changed for what I didn’t realize at the time, was forever.
After devoting nearly 9 years to my employer, I was let go like a piece of yesterdays leftovers.
Did that hurt?  Of course it did!
But the hurt quickly went away, and the strength started to come from within.  I was better than the person that I was when I worked there, so every day since then, I’ve spent time working to make my own dreams come true instead of working day in and out to fulfill someone elses dreams.
That’s what I’m here for, and I hope that you join me on my journey!

Stay tuned for some amazing stuff to come!

Shameless plug for my dogs of course – better get used to this if you’re going to be a frequent reader!
And yes – this is my “I’m laughing too hard and looking stupid face”…and I love it!


Photo credit:  Samantha Laffoon Photography



  1. Mary Ann says:

    I love your laughing-too-hard face. LOVE it. Can’t wait to hear more from you!

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