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Well…it’s the last day of August and I am super happy!
From September until the end of the year, I feel like there’s so much to look forward to…the beautiful fall leaves, crisp fall weather, pumpkin everything, FOOTBALL, Halloween, then Thanksgiving….and of course, Christmas!  I mean, it’s what dreams are made of, right?
Oh…I’ll leave out the fact that I have a birthday coming up next week – ugh!

Today I’d like to do an “unboxing” for you of my Boxycharm for the month of August – nothing like waiting until the last minute, am I right?

If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm, it is a beauty subscription service where they send you a monthly box to your home and you receive 4-5 full-size beauty products a month.  If you go on a month-to-month subscription, you will be paying $21 dollars a month, but most every box that I have received has been of $100-$130 dollar value.
The price varies depending on whether you go month-to-month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or every year.  You can find more information about the subscription options here.

From what I’ve seen, everyone seems to receive the same items in their box (which is different from Birchbox and Ipsy), but there may be differing color variations of a product or something like that.

P.S. – This month’s value is $113.95!

The first item that I received in this months box is this mascara…

Makeup Eraser Amplilash Mascara Serum

August Boxycharm Ampilash Mascara Serum Box Shot

August Boxycharm Ampilash Masaca Unboxed Shot

I am always looking for the next best thing in mascara, so I always love trying out new types.  I am interested to try this because it’s called a serum mascara.
The website claims that this mascara promises no clumping, flaking, smudging or irritation, so I hope that it lives up to it’s name!
I will let you know my thoughts in an upcoming post!

The next item that we received is this anti-aging serum from Aloette

Aloepure Time Repair Serum

August Boxycharm Aloepure Time Repair Serum Box Shot

August Boxycharm Aloepure Serum Unboxed Shot

If you’ve read this blog for the past few months, you know that I’m pretty pleased with my current skin care routine with Rodan + Fields, so I am always apprehensive to try new products like this.
I think I will give this a shot to see, but I may end up passing it on to a friend.  This bottle that we received is priced at $48 dollars, so this is pretty expensive and awesome for Boxycharm to provide a high-end product like this in the box!

The next item I received is this gorgeous eye shadow from Beauty for Real

Beauty for Real Shadow Styx

August Boxycharm Shadowstick

I typically don’t like using any types of cream shadows on my eyes because they have the tendency to crease over the day.  I have to say though, I love this color and can’t wait to try it out.  I swatched it (picture will be below) and I love the consistency and the feel of this…but fair warning, it will. not. budge. once it sets about 15-20 seconds later!  I honestly can’t wait to give it a shot in our current humidity to see how it holds up.

The website says that this shadow is waterproof and lasts all day and was developed in Miami to withstand the heat and humidity of the climate.  Well…I’ve been to Miami, and I can say…it’s freaking HOT and HUMID (more than here which makes me sick to my stomach to think about) so if it can hold up in that climate, this might be a definite winner for me!

Here’s the swatch of the eye shadow…and another product we received

August BoxyCharm Swatches Lip and Eye

We also received super bright flaming-red lipstick

Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Kiss & Tell

August Boxycharm Matte Liquid Lip Shot

I have to be honest – this color does not appeal to me at all.  It is way too super bright for me.  I would love to pull off such a bold, orangey-red lip but I am too much of a wimp.  I don’t think that the orange tone in this will go great with my skintone.  I am going to give it a shot though, and who knows, I might be totally surprised!  If not, it will be a fantastic color for something for Halloween possibly!  I do have to say, the formula seems great, although it does take a long time to dry.  I think that it will also bleed some if you don’t use a primer or a lip liner beforehand.
See the swatch above to see what it looks like!

And finally – I saved what was the largest item in our box for last…this Coastal Scents blush & bronzer palette…

Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Mini Palette & Brush

 August Boxycharm Coastal Scents Palette and Brush Shot

When I found out that we were getting another palette from Coastal Scents, I was not too thrilled.  I don’t think that Coastal Scents is a decent brand for the money honestly.  The palettes that I’ve received from them in the past are pretty chalky and don’t blend well.

With that said, this palette seems to be pretty good.  I haven’t used it on my face yet, but have just swatched and the formula seems to be pretty creamy and pigmented.  I don’t think that this palette will work for fair skin-tones…maybe the top right blush and the light color in the center…but that’s probably it.  I also like the fact that we got a little brush with this palette – even though it might not be high quality, it makes for a great brush in a pinch.

Here’s the swatches of the palette

August Boxycharm Coastal Scents Palette Swatches

That’s all for this month’s box!  I hope that you enjoyed this unboxing!

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