August Ipsy Bag

August Ipsy Bag

Here it is almost the end of August and I’m just now getting this post up!
It’s like I blinked and this month was over….it just seems like last week was the Fourth of July…but, apparently it wasn’t!

I turn the big 32 in less than two weeks, and I cannot begin to tell you how seriously excited I am to do so…can you sense the sarcasm?
I have to admit though, being in your 30’s is much better than your 20’s if you ask me…you just stop caring what others think of you and do your own thing and to hell with everyone else!But…the glorious part of being in your 30’s is that your body just magically hurts more than it did before…you might wake up one morning and have a new pain here or there…your teeth chip…hair turns gray….
BUT…..I’m alive and blessed to see another day, so it’s not all complaints here!

Today I’m going to share with you what I got from Ipsy this month!

If you aren’t familiar with the Ipsy subscription, here’s a little explanation.

You get 4-5 deluxe sample sizes a month in a cute reusable bag (as pictured above) for $10 + tax!
There are months where you may luck up and receive a full size beauty product.
When you sign up, you will complete a quiz that asks you what types of brands you’re familiar with, what you’re interested in, skin tone, eyes, hair color, etc.
Around the 10th of every month, the bags start shipping out (shipping is free in the US by the way).
The bags come in a pretty hot pink foil bubble envelope.
Not everyone gets the same items or colors in their bags, but it seems to equal the same amount across the board.

So here’s what I got in this months Ipsy bag!

August Ipsy Bag Shot

I was kind of “meh” about it this month..I mean, we did get a name brand product (one that I knew at least) and also a full-size product, but I’m just kind of over the nail polish!

Speaking of the nail polish…here it is…

Ciate London Nail Polish in Dangerous Affair

August Ipsy Nail Polish Shot

This is a gorgeous color, but I really don’t like the way it applies…it goes on thin and seems a bit runny.  The color is beautiful though and is perfect for Fall and Winter!
Also, this is our full-size product for the month, I guess…

The next item I received was this sample size eyeliner

it Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

August Ipsy It Cosmetics Eyeliner

August Ipsy Eyeliner Open Shot

I was running through the channels one night and I saw that it Cosmetics was on QVC so I decided to watch and see the demos of the products.  I thought this looked like an awesome eyeliner, so I was glad to receive this.  I will try it out and let you know – I am going to do a post in the next few weeks about samples I’ve received in these beauty bags that I’d repurchase again…

The next item I received is this small eyeshadow palette from Jelly Pong Pong.

Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan Eye Shadow Palette

August Ipsy Eyeshadow Palette Closed

August Ipsy Eyeshadow Open Shot

I have to be honest – I am definitely NOT a fan of this brand.  There have been a few items we have received over the months and I have just not been impressed.  With that said, the colors in this small palette are awesome – and it seriously does remind me of neapolitan ice cream.  The formula is great, seems very pigmented and rich.  I am going to take this palette on vacation to maximize space, so I will let you know my thoughts.  When I say this is a small palette, this really is – it fits into the palm of your hand.  P.S. – I had a swatch picture for you, but it didn’t process correctly and looked terrible…and to be honest, I was too lazy to take more LOL!  I guess it’s time for that macro lens…

The last two items I received are nothing exciting unfortunately…

This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up

August Ipsy This Works Primer

So…the name…thisworks….I don’t know if it works or not really, but if it does, this would be fantastic!  If it’s an all-in-one item, it would be great for travel!

Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster

August Ipsy Complexion Booster

I had never heard of this brand so I had no clue what this product is supposed to do.  After researching a little, this product claims to have the maximum amount of retinol allowed (without having a prescription) and also contains salicylic acid to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and contains multiple antioxidants.  I’m interested to see if this product really works the way it claims – I guess we shall see!

That’s all for my August Ipsy bag!

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