Current Hair Product Favorites

Current Hair Product Favorites

Let’s talk hair today, shall we?

Welcome to North Carolina, where in the Summer, the humidity can be like one million percent unbearable at times!  That can really make for some bad hair days, can’t it?
But fortunately for us, we’re still in April and humidity is still tolerable and the good hair days are here for a while!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my current hair care products that I’ve been using!  When I was working in my corporate job, I used to wash my hair every day!  My hair had the tendency to become overworked and dry because I was washing, drying and styling my hair daily.  Now that I’m home more often, I can go two or three days between hair washes and it has helped my hair so much!  My hair looks and feels so much healthier now!  Some of the products below, I believe, have helped contribute to healthier hair, so I wanted to share some of those with you today.

The first two products are Redkens Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner



I have used a ton of Redken products, but I feel that this line has been the best so far for getting my hair clean, but protecting it as well.
This line is technically for fine/flat hair, but it works well on mine and I have thick hair, my hair just lacks volume.  This has helped so much!  Typically, when I have used other volumizing shampoos and conditioners, they have really dried my hair out.  This product claims that it plumps and supports fine strands, and hair looks “voluminous and voluptuous with airy softness”.  I kind of have to agree!
I think that this product does that!

Another plus is that the conditioner is classified as a “light” conditioner, which I believe gives you just enough nourishment and condition to your hair without being too heavy and weighing on your hair!  I am a little concerned because the last couple of times that I’ve gone into Ulta, they had it on sale…like clearance.  It would be just my luck that it will be discontinued! Good thing I stocked up
when Beauty Brands had their annual liter sale!

Another product that I would call a “game changer”  is this Amika Nourishing Mask that I bought last year.


This stuff is amazing.  Like seriously.  Believe me when I tell you this.
This smells amazing too!  This mask is made with Sea Buckhorn Berry (never had heard of that before) and is free of parabens, sulfates and artificial colors.  It also is safe for color treated hair.
I use this mask at least 2-3 times a week.  I wash my hair then use this as a conditioner and leave it on my hair 10-15 minutes (or however long it takes you in the shower).
I noticed that the first time that I used this mask, my hair had it’s normal shine back and my color looked more vivid and healthy.  Try this product – you won’t regret it!  I noticed that Sephora has a small tube for $10 dollars that would be perfect for traveling!

Another product that I have started using religiously is this Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil

I use a pump of this on my hair while it’s still wet, then dry my hair.
After that, I use another 1/2 pump on my ends just to help with dryness.
This product is also supposed to help restore hairs elasticity and protect color.
I have tried many hair oils, especially the ones that I’ve gotten as samples in my beauty subscriptions and I keep reaching for this one time after time.
This bottle is quite large for a hair oil and has lasted me quite a long time.

Gosh – while going through this, I just realized that I do use a lot of hair products daily- haha!

Who here hates to take TONS of time to blow dry their hair?  Oh wait – that’s everyone!
This product has seriously cut down on my time that it takes to blow dry, and a plus, it smells fantastic!

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer


I honestly cannot tell you ANYTHING about the science of this product, but I decided to give it a shot and I was amazed at how much quicker my hair dried.
A few suggestions – 1.)  Shake before use  2.)  Don’t use too much as it will make your hair feel tacky – just about 4 sprays!

While we’re on the topic of Redkens Pillow Proof Line is a great dry shampoo that I’ve been using.

Redkens Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender


I obviously use this when I am trying to extend my hairstyle past day one (or two, or three – let’s be honest), but I also spray this on my hair after styling.
To me, it really seems to just add more texture and volume to my hair after just washing.

A great volumizing spray mousse that I’ve been loving lately is

Redken GUTS10


I don’t use this product every single time that I wash my hair, but if I’m going out or if it’s particularly humid or rainy, this really helps boost the volume.
I apply this at my root base in a few different sections, then blow dry.
This mousse has a medium control and works really well.

And finally…my all time favorite day-to-day hair spray!

Rusk w8less Plus Hairspray


I have been using this hairspray for about 8 years and I still continue to reach for it!
The hold on this product is said to be “extra strong”, but I don’t find that it is honestly.
I’m totally okay with that though because I don’t like a heavy duty hairspray unless I curl my hair and am wanting my style to stay all day.
I am notorious for running my hands all through my hair all the time, so this hairspray is perfect if you’re that kind of person too and it smells amazing to boot!

Well – I believe that wraps up my current hair product favorites.  What are your favorites?  Tweet me or comment below or drop a line to say hello!  (OK – I totally didn’t mean to be cheesy and rhyme)

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**Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.   These are my personal favorites that I am currently using.


  1. Diana Boxman says:

    I love the Amika dry shampoo. After you work it in to the scalp at the roots it works wonders. No white flaky residue on my brown hair either. I would totally recommend it and makes me want to try the mask now that you love it.

    • I remember you talking about the Amika dry shampoo! It’s the next on my list to purchase! Yes you will definitely love the mask!! You

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