DEAL ALERT…Kate Spade & My Favorites from the Sale!

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

I have to admit that I am so ready for fall this season!  I mean, I think if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know by now that I am definitely OVER this summer heat and ready for the cozy, cool nights, deep colors, the changing of leaves, overpriced Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks…and so on!

I received an email yesterday letting me know of the Kate Spade Surprise sale (online – hooray!) and I was super excited to look it over.

Let me just tell you…I have been looking at these sales for quite some time, but I can honestly say that this time, I am blown away with the selection and gorgeousness (is that a word…if not, it should be) of these bags!

Typically in the past, I would always go for the simple winter bag – sticking with a chestnut brown, camel or black handbag…but these gorgeous wines, plums, greens and grays caught my eye this season!  So, I’d like to share with you some of my faves from this sale, and provide you with the prices and the link to the sale in case you want to join me in obsessing!

We are on a current “we need to save every penny we make” month, so OF COURSE a sale like this would happen to come along during that time!

I mean…it is my birthday in a couple of weeks – I guess I could buy a present for myself, right?
Oh…nevermind…you didn’t read that…right?

So, here are some of my favorites – and I’ll quit rambling!


Charles Street Small Haven in Train Car Red – $129


I am loving the brick red color of this bag!  I also love the fact that this can be a shoulder bag, or a crossbody!
Homegirl over here CANNOT do a crossbody bag sadly!

Charles Street Kensington in Mousse Frosting – $179


I love the structured look of this tote…but it has just enough curve to it so it doesn’t appear too boxy.  I also am loving the color of this as it’s more of a cool-colored gray taupe instead of a warm-colored gray taupe!


Cove Street Airel in Cliff Grey – $169


Of course you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous stone colored charcoal gray bag!  This looks like the perfect tote for work!

Southport Avenue Cora in Night Forest – $79


I typically am NOT a fan of a forest green color, but I am loving this one for some reason.  I think forest green was so played out in the 90’s…but it appears almost everything from the 90’s is trending again…sadly.
And, hello?  Can we talk about the price – amazing deal!
It’s a crossbody bag – and as I said above – homie can’t play that!

Whitaker Place Elena in Black – $139


I love a quilted handbag!  I think this is one of my favorites of the whole group!
It sort of reminds me of this bag (except not this color – nor this price – dammnnn) that I could’ve gotten for a steal from the Tory Burch outlet that I am kicking myself for not getting!
Yes…they have a Tory Burch outlet – but sadly (and thank God at the same time) the closest one to us is in Miami I believe!

Grey Street Wilder in Soft Aubergine – $159


Speaking of 90’s comebacks…here’s an adorable backpack!  OK – I really threw this in for the beautiful plum color more than the style of the actual bag…but if you’re down with wearing a backpack/satchel, then here’s a great suggestion.  Who remembers these though in the 90’s?  It seems like EVERYONE had to have one.  I got mine at K-Mart.  That’s how I rolled back then.  In some ways…I kind of miss K-Mart…but, I digress…


Bixby Place Elena in Mulled Wine – $139


This mulled wine color is stunning!  It would be a great bag that would transition seamlessly from fall to winter!  It’s such a deep, rich red color and I’m in love!

Grey Street Exotic Neda Wallet in Mulled Wine – $59


And because I felt it was necessary to include a few items that aren’t handbags (ok – just two, but I tried) is this gorgeous crocodile-look wallet in the color mulled wine!  I am always on the look for great deals on Kate Spade wallets because they. freakin. last.
I have carried a few over the years and I put them through hell and back and they last!  Yes – they can be pricey, but when you can get them at this price, it’s worth the investment!



Life of the Party Triple Pendant – $29


And of course for good measure, I threw in this gorgeous layered necklace!  We will all be wearing those comfy sweaters soon so this accessory will be the perfect addition!

So, if you weren’t able to get into the sale by any of the above links, here’s the link to the sale below!

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

I hope that you enjoy these sale posts as much as I do, and hopefully you spoil yourself a little – so, get your savings on ladies!













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