July Boxycharm Box

July Boxycharm Box

Today I have a new Boxycharm unboxing for you today!
I always look forward to opening my Boxycharm box up and I’ve tried not to look at the spoilers
online…but…I’m like a kid in a candy store…I. JUST. CAN’T!

BoxyCharm Open Box Shot

If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm, it is a beauty subscription service where they send you a monthly box to your home and you receive 4-5 full-size beauty products a month.  If you go on a month-to-month subscription, you will be paying $21 dollars a month, but most every box that I have received has been of $100-$130 dollar value.
The price varies depending on whether you go month-to-month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or every year.  You can find more information about the subscription options here.

From what I’ve seen, everyone seems to receive the same items in their box (which is different from Birchbox and Ipsy), but they may have differing color variations of a product, like for instance, not all of us received the same Mally product – some of us received a makeup brush, while others received an eyeliner.

P.S. – this box retails for $120 dollars!

So the first thing was something that I had seen in a “spoiler” and I was SUPER excited for it.
This product (or products should I say) retails for $59 dollars!
SAY WHAT?  I mean, this already pays for this box!

Ofra Palette Shot

Yes! That is what you see – it’s an OFRA PRO type of Z-Palette with 6 shadows!
OFRA’s individual shadows are typically $10 each, but they created this especially for Boxycharm!  We received three matte colors, and three shimmer colors!
Click here if you’re interested in more OFRA Cosmetics products!

Ofra Cosmetics Eyeshadows

My first impression of the swatches, I wasn’t too impressed just because I think I’m spoiled from Makeup Geek quality.  These shadows seemed a little lacking in pigment and a little dry, but I will use them and see if I can get them to work for me.  This is not to be a total “Debbie-Downer” about them, I just need to work with them more – it’s really hard to tell just based off of a swatch.  The one thing that I LOVE is that we received a huge magnetic palette with this!  You can totally fit a ton of shadow or blush pans in this, so that’s a win for me!

Here’s the swatches – Top picture is mattes – Bottom picture is shimmers



Also, there are no names for the shadows that I can see – I would have liked to have labeled the swatches for you, but no such luck.  I do think we are getting OFRA products in almost every box, and while I love products from them, I like a little more variation in brands…but, Boxycharm still has been worth ever single penny for me!

The next product that we received is this Rounded Blender Brush from Mally Beauty

Mally Crease Brush

Mally Blending Brush Side Shot

I’m not really sure how I feel about this brush.  I think the metal makes the brush kind of slick and it’s an odd length, so it just feels kind of wonky in my hand.  I don’t know…maybe I just have wonky hands?  The bristles feel extremely soft, which can be a good thing for blending (which this brush is supposed to do), but it might be too soft…I will try it out and let you know!
This brush retails for $15 dollars.

We also received this GORGEOUS lip gloss from Noyah in the color Malbec

Lip Gloss Picture

Can we just talk about this packaging for a minute?  It is gorgeous!  The earth-friendly bamboo top sort of reminds me a little of some packaging that Tarte Cosmetics uses, but, none the less, it is beautiful.

This color is also beautiful!  I was a little leery of the color at first, but after swatching it, I love it.  This gloss feels amazing on the lips too, so I’m pretty excited to have received this.

Here’s the swatchy-swatch

Lip Gloss Swatch

This brand seems to be very particular about using all-natural products, and this is made without sulfates, parabens or phtalates.  This gloss also retails for $16 dollars, so yet another “win” for Boxycharm!

And the last product we received this month is from PYT Hair

PYT Argan Oil Shot

This is a Argan Oil treatment for your hair which is supposed to penetrate the hair follicle and leave hair frizz-free.  I need to try this and see if it helps my frizz situation I’ve got right now.  But, then again, we are in the middle of summer in NC so there might not be much hope!

I have never heard of this brand before, but honestly, this product is way more expensive than what I would pay for – so, I’m glad that we got this in our box!  This is just a hair (see what I just did there) over 1 ounce of product, and it retails for $30 dollars.  That’s pretty expensive…but we will see how well it works!  I can’t imagine that I’ll use this up before it goes bad!

Are there any boxes you’d like to see me subscribe to and review?  If so, leave me a comment!

I hope you enjoy this post!
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