July Ipsy Bag

July Ipsy Bag Featured Photo

Well…it’s that time again….my absolute favorite time of the month (that sounds bad doesn’t it lol) that all the beauty subscriptions start rolling in!

Today I have an unbagging of the Ipsy bag for July!
This bag will be really cute to take out on the beach with some sunscreen and lip balm!
I guess that’s the theme it’s going for?!

If you aren’t familiar with the Ipsy subscription, here’s a little explanation.

You get 4-5 deluxe sample sizes a month in a cute reusable bag (as pictured above) for $10 + tax!
There are months where you may luck up and receive a full size beauty product.
When you sign up, you will complete a quiz that asks you what types of brands you’re familiar with, what you’re interested in, skin tone, eyes, hair color, etc.
Around the 10th of every month, the bags start shipping out (shipping is free in the US by the way).
The bags come in a pretty hot pink foil bubble envelope.
Not everyone gets the same items or colors in their bags, but it seems to equal the same amount across the board.



July Ipsy Open Bag Shot

I have to be honest – these bags are becoming more and more disappointing each month it seems!
I guess I am a little spoiled to the Boxycharm boxes I have been receiving!
Of course, they are double the price ($21) so I shouldn’t be so snobby about it….
…but…I am!  I am going to give Ipsy a few more months to “wow” me and if not, I’ll probably unsubscribe!

Interested in what I’m talking about with Boxycharm?  Check out this post and this post!

The first item I got was this deluxe sample of
Eva-NYC Get Glossed Hair Serum

July Ipsy Hair Serum

(Sorry for the picture – it’s time to invest in a macro lens!)

I can always used sample sizes of hair serum because it makes it perfect for travel!
To be honest though, I have gotten quite a few hair serums and none seem to live up to my favorite from Joico!
Click here to find out more about my favorite hair products!

The next item is this new mascara from Make Up For Ever!
I have not heard of this mascara yet, so I am excited to try it out!
Obviously this is  deluxe sample size, so it is perfect for travel!

July Ipsy Mascara Boxed

July Ipsy Mascara Unboxed

The next item in the bag is this sample size tube of
Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion

Ipsy July Skyn Lotion

When I first saw this product, I was kind of aggravated to get another tube of face lotion!
But, I will say, I used this and it. feels. AMAZING.
It is minty, but the cooling sensation it gives on the skin is awesome and PERFECT for the sweltering heat and humidity
that we’ve had here in NC lately!  I will probably keep this tube in my purse and rub a little on when my
skin feels dehydrated and hot!  So, I would say this one is a win!

The next product is a brand that I’ve never heard of before…
Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eye Shadow in Plum

July Ipsy Mellow Shadow

Ipsy July Mellow Shadow Open

I have to say that I am really drawn to this color!  I think that it will be a BEAUTIFUL color for fall!
It’s kind of weird because I always was afraid to wear colors like these on my lids before, but now I am
instantly drawn to colors like these.  The swatch is beautiful!

See my alien hand swatch picture below:

Mellow Shadow Swatch July Ipsy Bag

It seems a little dry, but the color payoff is there!  I will have to play with it and see how it blends.
This also appears to be a full-size shadow, so that’s a plus!

And the final item in my bag is this
Luxie Beauty 215 Small Angle Brush

July Ipsy Luxie 215 Small Angle Brush

You can never have too many makeup brushes to be honest!  It seems like we have gotten quite a bit
of the Luxie brand brushes lately, but this is one that I’ve actually been needing, so I was excited to see this!

This is obviously a full-size product, and retail is $10 so it pays for the subscription just with this alone!

Well…with two full-sized products, I don’t see why I’m being so bitter about this bag?  After writing this, I’m actually ok with this bag!

I have three free Ipsy bag subscriptions to give away!  The first three comments will receive an invite!

Have you all tried any different subscriptions?  If so, what have you tried and loved?  I love getting subscriptions to things, so leave a comment below with
anything you’d like to see me review in the future!

Have a great day everyone!





  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you for an review of this. I keep going back and forth with the idea of getting a subscription. Part of me wants to just to have access to some different products I wouldn’t normally look into, but the other worries that it won’t be worth it and I’d just toss the stuff in my makeup box with little attention, haha. I like the idea of that lotion given that it’s so bloody hot around here like you said.

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