My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus to Watch

Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Watching

I am addicted to YouTube.  I honestly can’t help it.
I don’t really even know why we pay for cable service anymore since
most of the things that I watch are on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

I can honestly spend the majority of my day watching these top 5 favorite makeup vloggers, and you should watch them too!

Top 5 YouTube Beauty Vloggers that I Watch on the Regular



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Why to Watch?

She’s an adorable little spitfire Cuban woman and I love it.
She is gorgeous.
She does beautiful simple makeup tutorials.
She is frugal – she likes her drugstore makeup and brushes and loves to share that with you.
She has super cute dogs named Porter, Seline and Cornelious.

Jaclyn Hill


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Why to Watch?

She does AMAZING makeup tutorials – like seriously – my makeup game has stepped up just because of her!
She’s the creator of this beautiful palette from BECCA cosmetics and creator of the gorgeous highlight on the regular Champagne Pop.

2016-06-01 17.06.10

She blends makeup like no other that I’ve ever seen.
She has a heart of gold and she is serious about her makeup game and her subscribers loving the products she talks about.
She has a gorgeous drummer husband and two cute dogs, Frankie and Georgie.

Nicole Guerriero


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Why to Watch?

Her HAIR.  I mean it’s beautiful!  I mean – her hair isn’t the only reason to watch, but she has great hair care tips and hair styling tips.
She does flawless makeup.  I love watching her because we have similar hair and eye colors, so I can see colors that work for her and then try them myself.
Her vlogs (car ride chronicles) are seriously great.  I may be pathetic, but I love watching them because she’s funny and has a good personality.
Her Halloween makeup tutorials are nothing short of amazing – she is super talented.
She lives in Southern Florida and it gives me Florida living envy (Actually Kathleen and Jaclyn live in South Florida too – maybe that’s the key to success?)

Manny MUA


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Why to Watch?

He is seriously killing the makeup game right now with gorgeous collaborations.
Every video I watch, I laugh.  Seriously.  He’s super funny.
He has a foul mouth and I love it.
He appears to be extremely humble and thanks people every moment he can get for his success.
He loves mauve-y, pinky nude lips and so do I.

Nikkie Tutorials


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Why to Watch?

I mean – you see the picture above.  What more do I have to say?!?  She looks majestic here! (This was the all highlighter makeup challenge).
English is not her first language (she’s from Holland) and she’s killing it!
She does amazing Snapchat filter look tutorials.
Her lips….OMG….perfection!
She’s the one that discovered that the Nivea Men’s Shave Balm can be used as a primer, thus saving all of us money everywhere!
(Don’t know what I’m talking about for the primer?  Check this post out!)


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