Summertime Essentials

Summertime Essentials


Who doesn’t love summer?  I mean, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I love it for like the first few days, but when it gets so ridiculously hot and humid (like it has been these past few days) and my boob sweat reaches a whole new level – I’ve over it.  What?  I just said boob sweat?  Just keepin’ it real…it happens!

By that time, I’m just like bring on pumpkin er’thang and the cool crisp mornings and nights!  But, until then, we are stuck here in summer for a couple more months, so I’d like to share with you some of my summertime essentials!

First of all, I am OBSESSED with anything with pineapples and flamingos!  I am like a kid in a candy store when I see things with these.  I would decorate my whole house in pineapples if I could…BUT…I would probably have some unwelcomed visitors!  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Google it.
I’ll leave it at that!

I stumbled across this pineapple ice cube tray from Urban Outfitters!  I mean – seriously – how cute is this?!


I mean – this is a necessary summer expense, right?!  I would totally drink 2….or 10 drinks with these adorable ice cubes in them!

And for the flamingos…I’ve always been drawn towards flamingos for some reason.  Maybe because my favorite color is pink, or because I was always told they were tacky (like decorative ones not the real ones) and I was like, “Um hell yea – tacky all the way – love it”!

This cell phone case from Kate Spade is A.DOR.A.BLE.
I actually have this one on my phone currently – totally cute!
P.S. – They’re both on sale right now!!


OK – let’s talk about summertime beauty essentials!

First of all, SPF is super important!  This sunscreen from Rodan + Fields is one of my favorites and I love the smell too!  Other sunscreens don’t really work as well as they should, but I’ve been really happy with the way this works!


For those times where you’re out in the sun and your skin needs extra hydration before putting on your makeup this primer from Too Faced is the absolute best!  It is formulated with coconut water, skin replenishers and probiotics to perk your skin back up!  This has been the only primer I’ve been using this summer because it’s like an extra dose of hydration!


My favorite go-to foundation for the summer is Tartes Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation.  It seems to be about the only foundation that gives me the amount of coverage that I’m needing but doesn’t get extremely oily and feel like it’s melting off of my face.  I mean, when the heat is 100° degrees here in North Carolina with humidity of 1000%, it does the job!


I have oily skin and summertime brings out the best in my oil apparently…so these two products are essential for controlling oil!  I’ve gotten samples of oil blotting sheets in a lot of my beauty subscription boxes, so I’ve never had to actually buy any with my own money, but I thought that these look awesome…and what better to have a minty-cooling effect for summer!


Another way that I control the oil in the sweltering heat is makeup setting spray.  I’ve tried quite a few, but I always come back to Urban Decay.  I use the De-Slick in the summertime, and the All Nighter in the winter!


And for those dehydrated lips, the absolute BEST lip balms are from Fresh Sugar lip balms!  I am addicted to these, and anytime that Sephora has a free code for a mini version with your purchase, I always make sure to get it!  They are perfect for travel! This specific one is my favorite because it gives your lips just a touch of color but still looks natural, and OH MY GOSH…so buttery and soft!


For clothing, if I could live in flip flops 24/7, I would be in my favorite pair of Rainbows.  I started wearing Rainbow flip flops in college and pretty much haven’t stopped.  I’ve worn a few pairs pretty much down to nothing.  The Twisted Sisters are my favorite – they fit just right and I love the braided strap detail.  So, if you see me in the summer, 9 times out of 10, I will be wearing these!


And if there’s any kind of close toed shoes that I wear in the summer, it’s probably my Chucks!  I went to the outlet and got two pairs (gray and dark pink), but probably will be getting more at some point.  Now…these aren’t really for comfort – they’re more for cuteness!  After a few hours, they do start hurting your feet so I switch back to my Rainbows!  But I love how many colors these come in and you can pair them with so many different outfits.


OK – I’m going to date myself – but I got my first pair of Chucks in middle school (like 20 some years ago).  My parents didn’t really have a lot of money, but they saved for me to be able to get a pair of these.  And what did I get?  A dark green suede pair?!
….REALLY?  Dark green suede?  WTF was I thinking?!  Haha!

Another essential that I can’t live without are bright-colored handbags!  I am LOVING this one from Rebecca Minkoff!   I have lots of pink, but no blue bags, so I think this may be on my list to buy!


Summer dresses are some of my favorites – and here’s one I’m loving from Nordstrom!  I love the fun print of this, and the high-low front!  I am a sucker for these colors right now too!


And you can’t get through summer without sunglasses for sure!  I have always loved both the look of Wayfarers and Aviators!  I bought a cheap knock off pair of Wayfarers for $10 at Ross, but the standards are from Ray Ban!  I am just too rough on sunglasses so I won’t allow myself to spend tons of money on them!  I just saw on the Ray Ban site that you can customize your own pair – now that’s pretty cool!  I’m a sucker for crap like that haha!


I found these aviator style sunglasses while browsing Charming Charlie online the other day and I love these!  I may have to pick me up a pair next time I’m in there!  I limit myself from even going near there usually because I could walk out with probably $200 dollars worth of stuff easy!
** I have little self control! **

So…how about you all?  What are some of your summertime essentials?  What products are your favorites to get you through the sweltering heat?  Leave me a comment below!


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