Sunday Savings…July 10th, 2016

Sunday Savings


Well here were are yet again guys….Sunday Savings…..on. a. MONDAY.
I can’t seem to get it together lately for some reason!
Does anyone else have a problem with saying no?  I think I do.
I think I honestly try to please everyone and don’t want anyone to be disappointed in me.
…that just might be one of my major downfalls in life!

With that said – I’ve found that I am not pre-planning much of this blog content, so I’m kind of
winging it right now.  In all honesty though, I don’t think that’s what you all are wanting to read, is it?
I mean, if it is, please let me know and I’ll continue being my total
scatterbrained, unorganized self!

Summer has been extremely busy…and it just seems like there are never enough hours in the day.
I honestly can’t see where my time really goes….maybe I need to start writing out what I do daily,
in detail, as in like a total schedule from top to bottom?  Maybe then I’ll see how much
time I’m actually wasting on Facebook…Snapchat…Pinterest…oh, and who can forget…

Ok…maybe that’s where my time is going!  Anyway – I am going to try to get better – I think as human
beings, we’re always a work in progress!  We never are satisfied with the way we do things and the
way that we live our life, so we strive for change….so that’s what I’m going to try to do!

Ok….enough about me and my issues – as it’s almost 1 am Monday morning and I’m just to the point of rambling…


I don’t know if it’s just that I’m kind of bored with all that’s out there and am waiting on something new that I have to have, or if it’s that I’m trying to tighten our budget a little…either way, I have NOTHING for you today in the world of makeup (except for the standard BOGO at most drugstores on certain brands) because I think you would get tired of reading the same thing week after week – at least I would!

I mean…I don’t even have anything for you even from Target.  TARGET.  Can you believe that I said that?  Target man…you’ve been letting me down in a major way lately – just sayin’!

All I have for you are some great shampoo deals at Ulta!

Ulta Liter Sale

Ulta Hair 2 for 20

I’m definitely a creature of habit and once I find something, I typically stick with it!
So my hair care routine hasn’t really changed at all since I made this post
about my favorite hair care products!  Although – side note – Redken DID stop making
my favorite shampoo that I talked about in the post…and I was the person who bought up like 20
10 liters to get me through until I have to venture out and try something new!

I believe that Beauty Brands is also having their annual liter sale – so check that out!

Thanks for sticking with my rambling today!
Have a great start to the week!

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