Sunday Savings…June 19, 2016

Sunday Savings

Well….These are my Sunday Savings…
I chose to spend time with my Dad for Father’s Day, so I planned on pushing my post off until Monday.   Of course, wouldn’t ya know when I woke up on Monday they had screwed up our cable and internet with some construction going on in the neighborhood…

…so I’d like to call these my TUESDAY savings….that run through until Saturday!

I’m actually trying to attempt this post from my phone because for some reason, our internet is moving at the speed of molasses on a cold day!

On to the savings….on Tuesday…ahh life…curveballs galore…

Ulta is having a special on their Real Techniques beauty tools! All of their brushes are great and get a few of the sponges because they’re the best dupes for a Beauty Blender!

(FYI – The link above doesn’t work because it’s just a screenshot of the email)

Find a Kate Spade Outlet near you!

Once again, the Kate Spade outlet is having some FANTASTIC sales so you really should go check to out!  I’m currently banned from the store…by my…self!  I was going to try to blame Nick, but last time I was there I was recognized as the girl whose husband said  “Go ahead and buy two!”.   The associate still laughs because she said she still hasn’t heard that again haha.  I guess he’s a keeper!

Target has some good deals this week on clothes, bathing suits, yoga pants and makeup!  Plus, spend $20 on any beauty products and get a $5 gift card!

Rite Aid some good deals on Maybelline makeup BOGO 50% off this week!
I am also excited about the 40% off Wet n Wild!
I’m still on the hunt for these highlighters!

Walgreens has some great nail polish deals this week!  I am definitely going to have to pick up this Sally Hansen set to try!
I’ve heard great things about it, I’ve just been too frugal to purchase it for some reason!

Looking for a great summer nail polish color?
Check out my blog post about favorite summer nail colors!

Well….that’s about all that I have for you today!   Please excuse my poorly photographed pictures…they’re straight from my phone and unedited since my internet decided to play games with me!   I promise,  I’ll be a better blogger one day…until then, you’ll just have to accept me as I am ha!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Mary Ann says:

    Love the Target discounts! Thank you for saving me the time it would take to look through all those adds myself. 🙂

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