Wednesday Wants…Yard Edition

Wednesday Wants Yard Edition

So…for today’s edition of my Wednesday Wants…I’m talking about things I’d like to do in our yard!

This past year is the first time that we’ve lived somewhere where we actually have to maintain a yard.
I lived in an apartment, then a condo, then a townhouse – all of which the yards were maintained, and pretty much Nick did the same!
Let me just tell you – having a yard is hard work!  If you want it to look good, you have to be willing to sacrifice LOTS of time, and a pretty decent amount of money too!

The previous owners of our home lived here for about 6 months before they moved, and spent VERY little time working in the yard, (if any) if I’m being honest.
When we purchased the house, we had pretty much no grass at all so we had a long road ahead of us.

Here are some before pictures – you can’t see the grass clearly, but enough
to see the difference hydroseeding made!
(Excuse the not so great pictures for this – these were taken as a screen shot from my phone, and driving by one afternoon)




With my Dad being a grass expert of sorts (he worked on a golf course for 35 years he says day after day), he said our best bet would to be to sink money into the yard to get it right, then it will be better in the long run.
We decided to hire a landscaping company to aerate using an aera-vator machine which not only plugged the ground, but also vibrated and shook the top layer loose so the grass could take better hold.
We then had them hydroseed our yard, which if you’re not familiar (which I wasn’t at all) is a process where they mix a mulch material, proper compounds and fertilizers and grass seed all together with water, then spray it with a large fire-type hose!

Here’s a video I found of the hydroseeding process.

This is what it looks like after…our neighbors two daughters thought the fairies had came down one night and painted it…so, according to their Mom…we were the coolest people EVER!


Just a word of warning…this is NOT cheap…but we felt like it would be our best option since we don’t have children yet and would be able to pay for it more easily now than later.

I have to say – with proper lawn maintenance and watering – this was worth every penny we spent.
Here’s an “after” picture in early November last year, which was about 2 months after hydroseeding!

I really wish I would’ve taken an “after” picture of our back yard…but…I didn’t even think of it because I was so impressed by the front yard!
Also – Sophie totally is photobombing!

2015-11-10 11.54.45

So…now that we have our grass in good shape…it’s time to get the rest of it in shape!  So…let’s bring on my Wednesday Wants…Yard Edition!

I would like to add a little character to the front of our house and I am totally loving this Garage Trellis idea!

Our sidewalk leading up to our front door needs a little character.  It would be nice to do something like this

I want to get some color at the edge of our yard, so I thought around our mailbox would be a good place to start.
Zinnias are supposed to be very heat tolerant plants and add a ton of color.  I’d like to do something like this.

It seems like everyone in our neighborhood has built a fire pit in their yards…and I definitely want to as well.
Here’s a great DIY fire pit project

Speaking of fire pits – this would be freaking AWESOME!  I just have to post the picture here that I found online!
I would love to have a pergola installed on our back patio also, so this would just essentially kill two birds with one stone!

Image Credit:  homedit.com

I would also love to do this type of landscape border to the flower beds I have built in the back!

Image Credit:  guidinghome.com

Here’s a great article for the best flowers that give you a “bang for your buck” in your yard!

I am also looking for this tree to put in our yard.  I saw one at a drug store I went to the other day and figured out what it was and now I’m on the hunt!


And finally – I’d like to plant an entire flower bed full of peonies!  I am obsessed with their beauty!
Here’s some great options that I’m looking for…

Pink Double Dandy Peony
Festiva Maxima Peony
Kansas Peony
Karl Rosenfield Peony
Lady Orchid Peony

Raspberry Sundae Peony

While I was using the all-mighty Pinterest, I stumbled across this awesome blog post for tips for growing peonies!
Have you followed me on Pinterest?

Well…I hope that I haven’t bored you!  I know I’m getting older when I get excited to plant!
I have a garden built growing tons of peppers and tomatoes for the year – hopefully the deer won’t get them!
Oh…and before I forget – here’s a great article about using coffee grounds, banana peelings and egg shells as compost for your garden!

Is there something that you have in your yard that you love and think I should know?
Don’t hesitate to comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook!

Here’s an earlier post for my Wednesday Wants for the home!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!










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