Wednesday Wants…

Wednesday Wants and Ramblings 1

Hello — Sorry for the lack of posts this week…this has been a crazy week so far, but things are calming down now!

On occasional Wednesdays, I would like to share what I call my “Wednesday Wants”…items which I have been REALLY wanting to buy, things that I want to do but am probably too lazy (or frugal), or things that I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t bitten the bullet yet!

If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with the show Fixer Upper!  The things Joanna and Chip can do to a house are AMAZING and I love her style!  I’ve seen this jar rack in a few houses she’s done, and at their farmhouse also, and I’m obsessed and must get one eventually.

I think I could use the jar rack over a coffee bar.  I’ve been thinking of doing one like this in our house.  What do you think?

In the spirit of home decor Fixer Upper style, I also have my eyes on these items:

This wreath to go on this mirror that I bought for our dining room.

This to go on top of our cabinets.  Well…come to think of it, my Grandma may have one of these!

 I love this, but don’t know that I really NEED it.  Boston Terrier fans – make sure to check it out!

Another piece I’d like to add to the top of our cabinets.

My neighbor has these at her house and I quickly became obsessed.

I need to do something like this in our Master bathroom.  I have a TON of the glass jars left over from our cookie bar at our wedding!

And I definitely need to bite the bullet and learn how to build these shelves!

OK – enough about house decorating!

I have been on the search for the PERFECT foundation.  Lately I’ve been kind of feeling meh about my foundations I have, so I’ve been on the search.

So far, I’ve tried this one, this one, this one and this one and still haven’t hit exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I did order some lip products from OFRA cosmetics and saw these on their website and bought them.  I think this is a great idea because you get like 5 sample colors (in small glass tubs) so you can make sure you get an accurate color match.  There’s enough product to last you about a week in one of the tubs, so I think that is awesome and will give an accurate feel of foundation wear!  I can’t wait to give them a shot!

I also want to give this foundation a shot too, but I just haven’t broken down and purchased it yet!

I was absolutely in LOVE with this foundation, but I ended up being allergic to an ingredient in it!  BOO!

I’m also heading to the drug store in search of these highlighting powders today!  I’ve heard fantastic things about them!

That’s it for the first installation of my Wednesday Wants…and I guess you could technically call this “Wants and Ramblings”!  HAHA!

Have a great day!

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